Asia’s first 1:1 dollar-backed stablecoin

Programmable money designed for smart economies of the future

Singapore Dollar-Backed Stablecoin
for the Next Digital Age

SGDR: A New Standard of Intelligent Money

SGDR represents digital, programmable Singapore dollar
Money that exists as code. Compatible with code in other smart contracts and applications, reducing the need for intermediaries.
Price-stable & 1:1 fiat-backed by Singapore dollar
Singapore remains as one of only eleven countries worldwide with a ‘AAA’ sovereign credit rating by Standard & Poor’s as of 2018.
Legally-compliant & accountable through trusts & escrows
All Singapore dollars are transparently held in an independent, legally-enforceable third-party trust.

How it Works

User undergoes KYC/AML checks, before transferring Singapore dollars to a MAS-licensed trust company.

Once received, an equivalent amount of SGDR will be sent to the registered blockchain wallet address.
User deposits SGDR into a designated smart contract address.

Once confirmed, the trust company will transfer of an equivalent amount of Singapore dollars to the registered bank account.

Tokenizing the dollar imbues it with all the advantages of blockchain technology

Low Cost
Leveraging on blockchain network allows for SGDR to be moved at low cost regardless of amount sent
Fast Speeds
Move money to anyone on the blockchain within seconds
Fractional Ownership
Precise division of token assets into sub-units of up to 18 decimal places.
24/7 Settlements
Move money around the clock on-demand and not be limited by bank settlement times
Program money into your systems via smart contracts and API for newer, smarter, faster applications.

helps bring to the masses the benefits of cryptocurrency minus the price volatility

Which then opens up use cases such as

24/7 Trading & Hedging
Trade and hedge positions against other crypto-assets on a 24/7 basis on exchanges.
Pay on consumption model.

News websites, online content streaming, micro-donations and more.
Merchants can accept online and in-person payments from any device at a cost below current incumbent rates.
DApp Transactions
Medium of exchange for peer-to-peer transactions for decentralized applications.
Event-Driven Payments
Automatic payments that are conditional on certain events.

Escrow payments, dividend payouts, disbursements, usage fees and more.

SGDR is the first asset to leverage the Rate3 Network’s tokenization and cross-chain identity protocols

Tokenization Protocol

Linking traditional-world assets to tokens imbued with the benefits of blockchain technology, while adhering to standardized legal frameworks throughout the process.

Identity Protocol

Standardized identities that are resuable across applications on both public Ethereum and Stellar networks. Builds on ERC-725 and ERC-735 standards for enchanced eco-system compatibility.
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SGDR: A New Standard of Intelligent Money
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